University Office of Planning

The UWI Triple A Strategy

The UWI Triple A Strategy conceptualized in 2016 had at its core, a 10 year vision for The UWI to be transformed into a highly respected global higher educational institution that is financially sustainable and contributing to the revitalization of the development and growth of Caribbean economies.

The Plan was designed to be implemented in two phases over the 10 year period. Phase I was focused on using the existing resources and capabilities to advance the global reputation of the University in order to assist in the revitalization of Caribbean development. This phase was launched in August 2017 and ran for a five year window. The major highlight is the significantly improved global ranking of the University as measured by the outputs from the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking agency. After 3 years of participation in the rankings, The UWI rose from among the top 600 universities in the league table to be among the top 500 which places it in the top 1.5% of globally respected, higher educational institutions.

Buoyed by this tremendous feat in relation to its reputation, Phase II of the Triple A Strategy, which intends to run from August 2022 – July 2027 will be focused on monetizing the strong reputation to generate revenue to turnaround the financial position of the institution. Indeed, in Phase I of the Plan, while the institution performed exceedingly well on all its academic and pedagogical metrics, the weakest area of performance was in the financial outcomes. The leadership of the university has therefore taken a decisive decision to use this strategic planning period 2022-2027 to focus exclusively on the financial affairs of the institution.

Phase II of the Triple A Strategy is therefore dubbed, the Revenue Revolution, which indicates that The UWI intends to have a strong revenue performance and focus beyond its 75th Anniversary in 2023.