University Office of Planning

Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our Vision

An Excellent Global University Rooted in the Caribbean.


Our Mission

To Advance Learning, Create Knowledge and Foster Innovation for the Positive Transformation of the Caribbean and the Wider World.


Our Core Values

Integrity: The UWI will perform in an honest, caring, ethical and trustworthy manner, and will create a culture of accountability in our management practices to ensure that these values are sustained.

Excellence: The UWI will serve our internal and external stakeholders by delivering consistently high-quality and relevant service, benchmarked against international standards and operational best practices.

Diversity: The UWI will foster a culture and work/study environment that is open and welcoming to different ideas and perspectives, acknowledges and values diversity, is inclusive of and affirms the dignity of all persons regardless of: race, socio-economic status, age, sex, gender identity and expression,physical and mental ability, sexual orientation, family or marital status, national origin, language, political or religious persuasion, health status, and other characteristics that make our constituents unique.

Gender Justice: The UWI will actively create and sustain, as a core value, a social, academic and administrative culture that supports and promotes gender equality and justice within its environment. This policy will require systematic research into its effectiveness with a view to taking appropriate actions of a corrective nature.

Student Centredness: The UWI will ensure that its policies, governance and daily operations are geared towards the delivery of an exceptional teaching and learning experience for all students.

Financial Sustainability: The UWI will seek to fulfil its financial obligation to all its internal and external stakeholders, without compromising its ability to meet future operational and strategic obligations.