Early Life Exposures in Health and Development

Impact of early childhood experiences on development and adult outcomes

Nutrition, Growth and Metabolism

  • The effect of early life and emerging factors on growth in Jamaican Children
  • Using stable isotope technique to establish reference body composition data for children, aged 6 months to 26 months, in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Bioavailability of amino acids from the common bean in Jamaican diets
  • Assessment of risk factors for childhood obesity and the impact of an educational intervention on infant feeding on growth and body composition: A co-ordinated Research Project
  • Effect of zinc on body composition and antioxidant status in the elderly.
  • Improving the quality of life of older people through the early diagnosis of sarcopenia in Latin America & the Caribbean- a regional project.

Health Interventions, Evaluation, Translation and Implementation Research

Surveillance of Health Outcomes and Their Determinants

  • Barbados National Registry for Chronic Non-communicable Disease
  • Drivers of Childhood Obesity Project
  • Assessment of the School Environment
  • H3ABioNet Sickle Cell Disease Ontology (started off as part of H3ABioNet, now an activity under the Sickle Cell Data Coordinating Centre)
  • Understanding the Intersection of Stigma and Self-Management of Sickle Cell Disease in Jamaica and the United States
  • Transition in adolescents with SCD
  • Developing a Predictive Model for Acute Chest Syndrome Risk in Sickle Cell Disease Adults in Jamaica: A Pilot Study.
  • Comparing the Association between Vascular Dysfunction (as measured by external carotid artery mechanics, prevalent stroke and Transcranial Doppler Diagnosis among children aged 4-16 years with Sickle Cell Anaemia at the Sickle Cell Unit
  • Caregiver burden of stroke in children with sickle cell disease
  • Patient and Parent Awareness and Perception of Clinical Trials and their impact on "Willingness to Participate"
  • The Status of Sickle Cell in Jamaica : Results from the Jamaica Health and Lifestyle Survey III
  • The impact of Climate Change and Health in Jamaica with special reference to vector borne diseases and sickle cell disease
  • Validating the use of daily spleen stick readings for the detection of early signs of Acute Splenic Sequestration in children with sickle cell disease.

Violence Prevention/Child Behaviour

  • The Irie Classroom Toolbox: a cluster randomised trial of a universal violence prevention programme in Jamaican preschools
  • Evidence for Better Lives, Foundational study
  • The Irie Homes Toolbox: Development and Evaluation
  • Development and evaluation of an integrated early childhood development and violence prevention teacher-training intervention in Jamaican preschools.

Interventions to Promote Development and Optimal Growth

  • Featured Project: Reach Up early childhood parenting programme
  • Sustainability of benefits from parenting interventions delivered through health services
  • Survive and Thrive in Brazil - The Boa Vista Early Childhood Program.

Cardiometabolic Disease Interventions

  • Featured Project: The LIFE Project
  • Establishing a Global Diet and Activity Research Group (GDAR) and Network

Improving Psychosocial and Cognitive Outcomes in Sickle Cell Disease

  • Gene Transfer for Patients with Sickle Cell Disease Using a Gamma Globin Lentivirus Vector: An Open Label Phase I/II Pilot Study
  • A Double-blind, Randomized, Placebo-controlled, Multicenter Study of GBT440 Administered Orally to Patients with Sickle Cell Disease
  • Cochrane Review: Interventions for treating neuropathic pain in people with sickle cell disease
  • EXpanding Treatment for Existing Neurological Disease (EXTEND)

Guiding and Evaluating Policy Interventions

  • Testing and treatment for albuminuria in Diabetes Mellitus and Sickle Cell Disease in select polyclinics and specialist clinics in Barbados
  • Cohorts collaboration of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Testing and treatment for albuminuria in Diabetes Mellitus and Sickle Cell Disease in select polyclinics and specialist clinics in Barbados
  • Cohorts collaboration of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Improving Household Nutrition Security and Public Health in the CARICOM
  • Determining Factors Affecting Age of Clinical Registration in Infants with Sickle Cell Disease at the Sickle Cell Unit, Jamaica’
  • Global Diet and Activity Research Group (GDAR)
  • Implementation of a very low calorie diet for remission of type 2 diabetes in the community, utilizing churches as hubs
  • Integrating places of worship (PoWs) into the primary care pathway to prevent and control non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the Caribbean
  • ATS Group on Clinical and Research Priorities in Sickle Cell Lung Disease

Biological expressions of diseases

Metabolic Adaptations in Health and Disease

  • Minerals in longevity and ageing-MILEAGE.

Pathophysiology/Clinical Variability of Sickle Cell Disease

  • Neuropathic Pain in Jamaicans with Sickle Cell Disease
  • A prospective open label, pharmacokinetic study of an oral Hydroxyurea solution in children with sickle cell anemia

Genetic Modifiers of Disease Expression

  • New Approaches for Empowering Studies of Asthma in Populations of African Descent