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Message from the head of the institute

Prof Marshall Tulloch-Reid

Professor and Director,
Caribbean Institute for Health Research

The Caribbean Institute for Health Research (CAIHR) conducts innovative research that provides evidence for improvements in the health and well-being of persons in the Caribbean and globally. We have a record of research excellence, with an increasing emphasis on development and evaluation of effective health interventions.

The Caribbean's diversity provides a unique environment for exploring regional and global health priorities. Using a life course approach, CAIHR brings together an outstanding multidisciplinary research team that addresses chronic non-communicable diseases (including sickle cell disease), nutrition, the social and environmental determinants of health and child growth and development.

As you review our website you will discover the wide-ranging expertise and achievements of our academic staff, together with our cadre of highly skilled, technical, administrative and support staff. CAIHR is committed to expanding the capacity for health research within the Caribbean through graduate programmes, short courses on research methods and effective use of research, and mentorship of research students and fellows.

To achieve our goals collaboration is essential and we have established productive regional and international partnerships. We seek to strengthen these and further widen our international engagement through strategic partnerships. Interaction with our stakeholders provides opportunities to share our findings and to better understand their needs and priorities. Staff provide technical and clinical consultations, outreach through presentations and engagement with the media.

Thank you for viewing our website. Please feel free to contact us for more information about anything that you find of interest.

Our Mission

We exist to enhance the health and well-being of Caribbean and global populations through innovative research, training and strategic partnerships, providing timely knowledge dissemination and translation for sustainable development

Our Vision

Transforming lives globally through innovative research and effective health interventions