MSc and MPhil/PhD in Nutrition

MSc Nutrition

Programme Objectives

The aim of these courses is to train professional nutritionists capable of assuming leadership roles in academia, government, industry and private sector enterprises nationally and internationally. They will be expected to advance knowledge in nutrition through research and the application of evidence-based methodology to guide policy and decision-making.

CAIHR’s Master of Science in Nutrition programme is comprised of four six-credit taught courses followed by a twelve-credit Research Paper (NUTR6800). The first two courses, Concepts and Principles of the Nutritional Sciences (NUTR6001) and Essentials of the Scientific Method (NUTR6101) are taught in the first semester of the programme, while Public Health Nutrition (NUTR6002) and Clinical Nutrition (NUTR6102) are taught in the second semester.


Applicants must be graduates of approved universities in the Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Agriculture or other subject acceptable to The Faculty of Medical Sciences who meet the UWI matriculation standards of a minimum of a lower-second-class honours.


Fifteen months, full time

MPhil in Nutrition

This programme consists largely of work on a research topic which is examined by thesis. In addition, candidates are required to complete a mandatory 6 credit hours of courses but may also be required to do additional courses based on their background knowledge. Candidates for the MPhil degree may be required to take an oral examination on the general field of study and on the thesis.

Entry requirements

Candidates seeking to enter the MPhil programme should possess a first degree with upper second- or first-class honours with some emphasis on their proposed research areas. They will be required to pursue the first year of the MSc Nutrition programme and achieve an average of B+ or higher to be eligible for transfer to the MPhil programme. Applicants with Graduate Degrees in other disciplines (MPH and MSc Family Medicine) will also be considered and may be required to complete taught courses in the MSc Nutrition Programme.

Duration of programme

The MPhil degree normally takes a minimum of two years of intensive research on a full-time basis.

PhD in Nutrition

The PhD is fundamentally a research degree and is examined by thesis and an oral examination. Candidates are also required to complete a mandatory 9 credit hours of courses but may also be required to do additional courses based on their background knowledge. The PhD thesis should make a distinct contribution to the advancement of the field of nutrition and show evidence of originality and independent critical thought. It should meet the professional standards of the discipline, be satisfactory as regards literary presentation, and should be suitable for publication.

Entry Requirements

Candidates applying for the PhD programme should hold an MSc or MPhil degree in Nutrition. Other health related master’s degrees may be considered but these persons would be required to complete core courses in nutrition (below) as determined by the department. All candidates will be required to register for the MPhil degree in the first instance (unless they already hold such a degree) and may have their registration upgraded to the PhD after a minimum of one year if conditions outlined for transfers from MPhil to PhD by the Office of Graduate Studies and Research are met.

Duration of programme

A PhD degree usually takes a minimum of three years full-time. Part-time studies may also be pursued.

Core Courses

NUTR6001- Concepts and Principles of Nutrition Sciences - 6 credits
NUTR6101 - Essentials of the Scientific Method - 6 credits

Elective Courses

Candidates may choose from among these, or other available courses based on their area of interest

NUTR6002 - Public Health Nutrition - 6 credits
NUTR6102 - Clinical Nutrition - 6 credits
EPID6104 - Critical evaluation of the scientific literature and writing scientific manuscripts - 3 credits
EPID6102 - Introduction to statistics and computing - 6 credits
EPID6101 - Fundamentals of epidemiology - 6 credits
EPID6202 - Ethics and research methods - 6 credits

For information relating to tuition fees, please refer to the Admission and Aid page.

Further information

For further information concerning the MPhil or PhD Nutrition programme, please contact us at

Program Coordinator: Dr. Debbie Thompson.