Public Engagement

At its core, CAIHR is a scientific and knowledge organisation whose work informs and catalyses transformation of policy and programs to empower the individual citizen to take charge of his/her personal health.

CAIHR focuses on health-related research which seeks to provide answers to the questions about how people can improve their health and maintain a good quality of life, from birth to adulthood and the policies needed to support this.

We are constantly exploring new relationships and new ways of bring our services closer to communities through our broad-based research studies and findings among populations across the Caribbean region.

Community Outreach: Constitution Hill Health Fair

The Healthy Food Policy Team led by Suzanne Soares-Wynter participated in an Easter Health Fair on April 10, 2023 in the Constitution Hill Community in East Rural St. Andrew as part of CAIHR’s community outreach. In keeping with the goals of the health fair, Research Assistants Annalee Gray Brown and Laura Findlay provided nutrition counselling and distributed information handouts on healthy nutrition for disease prevention, physical activity. More

Balancing the Scales Symposium

This third instalment of the ‘History, Heritage and Identity’ Symposium pivots on the painful history of European plunder and deprivation of the Caribbean by the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and Plantation Economy, to consider contemporary opportunities for profitable UK-Caribbean Trade and Business in the Post-Brexit Environment. More

Overcoming the Burden of Disease Symposium

The second installment of the “History, Heritage and Identity” Overcoming the Burden of Disease Symposium provided insights on the history of disease among the Caribbean diaspora and scientific perspectives to guide how participants could overcome persistent health challenges in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.More

CAIHR Researchers share Parent Manual for playing with toddlers while at home

The Child Development Research Group at CAIHR has addressed the need for information and activities to support early learning through play with a new Parent Manual from our evidence-based programme Reach up and Learn, with activities to support early learning and tips for helping children feel safe and happy. More

History, Heritage and Identity symposium

The History, Heritage and Identity initiative emerged out of conversations held between the Caribbean Institute for Health Research, The UWI, and leaders of the largest Afro-Caribbean Churches in the United Kingdom, who are desirous of forging an alliance with The University of the West Indies to stage a signature Diaspora Education and Empowerment initiative premised on The University’s formidable body of research and scholarship on West Indian History. More

GA-CDRC staff contribute evidence during the COVID-19 outbreak in the Caribbean

The University of the West Indies was asked by the Barbados Ministry of Health and Wellness to provide evidence to assist with the planning of a government response to the emerging COVID-19 outbreak. More

CAIHR Encourages Social Responsibility

An inaugural CAIHR award was given to local fast-food chain Island Grill in recognition of its actions in 2016 to adjust its menu to provide healthier cuisine. More