Interventions to Promote Development and Optimal Growth

Millions of children in low and middle income countries do not reach their developmental potential. Inadequate home stimulation is one of the key causes. We have produced the most comprehensive evidence of the long term gains from early childhood intervention through the Jamaica home visit intervention. This programme seeks to design interventions that are feasible and effective at scale to address the critical need of improving home environments to ensure children have interactive caregivers and opportunities to learn.

Featured Project

Reach Up: An Early Childhood Parenting Programme

The programme is informed by over 30 years research and aims to ensure that more children globally will be able to have home environments that provide the interaction and early stimulation essential for them to achieve their potential with proven benefits through to adulthood. Find out more.


  • Sustainability of benefits from parenting interventions delivered through health services
  • Survive and Thrive in Brazil - The Boa Vista Early Childhood Program.