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UWI Museum Storytime: Come Wi Go Down Memory Lane


“Come Wi Go Down Memory Lane” is a ten part series featuring articles of report and stories from the U(C)WI Pelican Annual Magazine. This week’s feature “Carnival Comes to Mona in Trinidad Style”, is from the 1956 Pelican Magazine and is a detailed report on the introduction of Trinidadian Carnival to the Mona Campus. COVID-19 has significantly impacted carnival this year and so we take this opportunity to revel in previous carnivals.


Hats off to the UWI Five Islands’ Pelicans of Pride

Photo of the Five Islands Campus first graduation ceremony.


Current Trends in the Study of Caribbean Migration

Migration continues to be an important socio-cultural and economic practice in the region. The deportation of Caribbean descendants from Britain and the United States, refugees as a result of climate change (hurricanes), the region’s continued reliance on remittances and the impact of migration on families reflect the diverse areas of research that can be engaged in the study of migration. We took the opportunity to interview Dr Natalie Dietrich-Jones about the current trends in the study of migration.

Caribbean Musicians and their Contribution to Britain

This week in the Enigma of Arrival series we explore the impact of Caribbean musicians in the UK. On loan from the Jamaica Music Museum (JaMM) are five vinyls that feature key Caribbean artists such as Millie Small, Shake Keane, Joe Harriot, Jimmy James and Tan Tan. Director/Curator of JaMM Mr Herbie Miller reflects on the role of the Windrush Generation of musicians contribution to the international music scene and how their sacrifices have made way for later generations of black and other British musicians today.

Watch our conversation with Mr. Miller below:


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