Facts at a glance:

Capital:  Hamilton

Form of Government:  British Overseas Territories

Head of State:  British Monarch: King Charles III represented by Ms Rena Lalgie

Head of Government:  Premier, The Honourable Edward David Burt JP, MP 

Population:  63,964 (2024 est.) 

Exchange Rate:  U.S. $1.00 = BMD$ 1.00 

UWI Connections:  On August 25, 2010 Bermuda became the 16th UWI contributing country when the Premier, The Hon Dr Ewart F. Brown and former Vice-Chancellor of the UWI, Professor E. Nigel Harris signed the instrument of accession of Bermuda as an Associate Contributing Country – a status that was specifically created by University Council to accommodate the special circumstances of Bermuda.  As an 'Associate Contributing Country', Bermuda would be entitled to be represented at its own expense as an Observer at meetings of the governing bodies of the UWI and could access the subsidised rate of tuition fees for its students. Bermuda will be a part of the Open Campus and be counted among the so-called UWI-12 countries – that is, contributing countries which do not host a physical campus. 

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