The UWIAA Constitution

The UWIAA Constitution

All UWIAA Chapters should use the UWIAA onstitution - view it here: UWIAA Model Constitution.

This Constitution should be adhered to by all UWIAA Chapters.

Recognising that some flexibiltiy is needed to take ito account cultural, geographic and social diversity across the UWI's 17 countries, slight variations are permitted to this "model", if approved by the Director of Alumni Relations, IAD, to ensure a certain uniformity and cohesion across the institution.  

Note: Major amendments to the Constitution must be ratified at the annual Central Executive Committee Meeting of the UWIAA Presidents or at a Special Meeting of the UWIAA Presidents.

Kindly contact the IAD at 876-977-0052 or 0054, or email you require further information/clarification.

As of September 1, 2019 all Chapters will charge US$30 for the UWIAA Lifetime Fee.

"One UWI, One Alumni Family" 


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