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UWI Email for Life

The Alumni Relations arm of the Institutional Advancement Division is pleased that you wish to have a UWI E-mail for Life address. This is a permanent e-mail address for all alumni of the University and it is FREE.

It provides you with an easy and secure way of receiving e-mail from friends, colleagues and classmates. Your friends will always be able to contact you, no matter how many times you change jobs or houses!

Use your @alumni.uwi.edu address and stay in touch!


2007 - Present Graduates - You can access your UWI e-mail for life account in 3 ways

directly via http://email.alumni.uwi.edu

through the portal at http://portal.alumni.uwi.edu

or through your personalized start page at http://my.alumni.uwi.edu

Please note the naming convention, firstname.lastname@alumni.uwi.edu (e.g., ali.cobb@alumni.uwi.edu ) for email addresses and the default password, which must be reset at the first login, firstname+lastname+123 (without the ‘+’ sign, e.g., alicobb123).

All other graduates - click here to apply for your UWI email for life account.

Show your PELICAN PRIDE! – firstname.lastname@alumni.uwi.edu

Thank you for your loyalty and interest in your Alma Mater!


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