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Tree Planting Ceremony Commemorating the 1968 Student March

From Left to Right: Shani Roper, Prof Rupert Lewis, Prof Kathleen Monteith, Prof Webber, Dr Suzanne Francis Brown, Prof Claremont Kirton, Mrs Lois Kirton, Miss Danielle Mullings, Prof Mark Figueroa, Prof Warner Lewis, Mr Kirk Miller and Miss Samantha Campbell


UWI: Honouring our Women

Dr Reid’s recollection of U(C)WI Chancellor, Princess Alice and her time at UWI


Emancipation Day Matters? Materiality and Cultural Contestation in Dutch, French and Spanish Caribbean


UWI Mona’s Dog Squabbles

There has long been an eviction squabble between The University of the West Indies and the stray dogs occupying the Mona Campus. As early as the second month of its establishment, the University’s administrators were forced to implement policies to limit the number of dogs on the Campus. Outlined in the Provisional Senate’s meeting minutes of November 18, 1948 (ref. UC-BC-11), are the rules governing the “Control of Dogs” on the campus. The policy stipulates that: 



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