The UWIMAA Canadian Chapter seeks to involve physicians and medical students of all cohorts, to support all, especially younger doctors, to maintain and expand their professional contacts and advance their education and career.

We can support fellow UWI Medical Alumni who choose to come to Canada to complete residency, fellowship, research purposes or various medical activities. The Canadian Chapter consists of UWI medical alumni who have experience in the Canadian Health System through living, practicing or having completed postgraduate training.

Support that we can offer includes:

1. Advice on navigating the move/visit to Canada
2. Advice on residency/fellowship experience and pathways
3. Camaraderie and connection with fellow alumni including at our Annual General Meeting and Luncheon
4. Connection with Senior Physicians and their Research interests

We extend open arms to our fellow alumni! 

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The UWIMAA Canadian Chapter is working with the Institutional Advancement Division to engage doctors in the following programmes:

E- Mentorship 

Soft and Life Skills Series

Professional Webinars

Chill Chats 

and more!


The UWIMAA Canadian Chapter also encourages all members to support the 1948 Society - designed to assist young doctors to excel!



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