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Come Wi Go Down Memory Lane: Consideration of Dress/A Reply

Central to this post is Cliff Lashley’s well detailed criticism of undergraduate females’ dress in 1957. However, his article received a scathing response from a female Irvinite. Many U(C)WI alumni who have participated in the UWI Museum Oral History Legacy Project recall that the red academic gown had many functions, including concealing inappropriate clothing when they had to attend formal dinner, lectures and other public gatherings. Both men and women participated in this practice, especially when they were running late.


Come Wi Go Down Memory Lane: The Campus Swot

If you are/were a student at the University of the West Indies and have never been in a class where students were strongly reprimanded for swotting then kudos to you. I can vividly recall more than one of those persecution sessions. They often follow in-class tests, quizzes and mid-semester exams. Weak analysis and incorrect application of knowledge are often deemed by lecturers a key indication of swotting – cramming information at the last minute and not doing additional reading.


Come Wi Go Down Memory Lane: A Letter From Priscilla

“Come Wi Go Down Memory Lane”, let us journey through time to the University College of the West Indies in 1956. Wouldn’t you like to know what campus life was like back then? Thanks to Priscilla, we are given a sneak peek through a letter she wrote to Mattie in the Pelican. Vivaciously, she informs Mattie of the entertainment scene on campus and the various activities young intellectuals engaged in to relieve themselves of the academic tensions of University life.

Pelican Prose

Though entertaining, not all consumers of the Pelican Annual Magazines of the 1950s were receptive of the writing styles popularly employed by the contributors. “Nonsense, pretty pretty, trashy, pointless and cliché,” are among the words used by one reviewer to describe the Pelican prose. Based on such description, it is evident that a number of these articles were quite unpalatable to the more ‘refined’ taste buds. Nevertheless, I must concur that some of these jargons often resulted in a raised eyebrow as one reads the articles.



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