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Come Wi Go Down Memory Lane: To Port Antonio and Back

What a journey it has been, traversing UCWI’s memory lane through the reports and tales of the 1955-1958 Pelican Newsletters. The journey down memory lane took us to the early days of UCWI when Mona was the only campus of this regional University – populated by students from all across the anglophone Caribbean. This diverse mix of students resulted in a richly blended U(C)WI culture that is reflective of the Caribbean.


A Reflection on Professor “Bunny” Lalor

“A giant amongst giants … a chemist who always knew how to solve a problem, and a mind constantly at work … Always in the quest to better mankind and the Jamaican people…” is how Professor Dale Webber, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Principal of The UWI, Mona Campus remembers the late Professor Emeritus, the Honourable Gerald “Bunny” Cecil Lalor, OM, OJ, CD.


Come Wi Go Down Memory Lane: Colour and Class in the West Indies

There is a popular thought that the University was dominated by the light-skinned upper class prior to the 1970s when education was made free by the People’s National Party (PNP) government. Several visitors to the UWI Museum were quite shocked to see individuals of dark brown complexion among the first batch of students. Despite being informed that the majority of these students received a scholarship to attend the University, some visitors argue that they were “privileged blacks” of wealthy backgrounds.


Remembering Dr Martin Aub

by Suzanne Francis-Brown

Photo courtesy of Prof. Robert Lancashire



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