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What is the Pelican Perks Programme?

Pelican Perks is a free University service, available on all 4 UWI campuses, to students and graduates of the University. It promotes discounts for students with a valid UWI Student ID card and alumni who have a UWI Alumni Association (UWIAA) Card. If they sign up as Pelican Perks Partners, this programme allows UWI graduates who have businesses or businesses which employ a lot of UWI graduates to have more exposure to The UWI community for their products and services. Of course we welcome other businesses with quality products and services and encourage them to also sign up for this programme.  


Additionally - our Partners receive:

  • Free listing on our Alumni Online Community
  • Periodic free exposure in our UWI Nexus monthly E-Update 
  • Discounted ads in our UWI Connect alumni magazine 
  • Pelicans who reside internationally will choose Perks first when they return and those who reside in the Caribbean can benefit from Perks available regionally or internationally - so potential market awareness/expansion will be assisted 
  • Promotion to over 46,000 students and over 230,000 alumni 

The Pelican Perks Programme organizes special offers for The UWI community at and publicizes the programme at many UWI events, including but not limited to: student matriculation, graduation, other campus and alumni events, as well as through Alumni Online (the web community), the UWI Nexus and the UWI Connect. 

What ID cards are accepted for Pelican Perks?

Students may show a valid UWI Student ID card to access Pelican Perks (discounts). Graduates who are UWIAA members will show their card as below: 

UWIAA Membership Card

Who may participate?

Any reputable business or individual operating a business which meets programme requirements may enroll. There are some restrictions on merchandise sold or promoted; read the Terms and Conditions for more information. UWi graduates who own businesses or businesses which employ UWI graduates are encouraged to become Pelican Perks Partners. As stated above, other businesses with quality services and products may also sign up.  

How do I enroll my business?

Apply online using our Application Form. Just enter your business and discount information, agree to the programme terms and conditions, and click "Submit." When your application is accepted and your offer is posted on our website, we'll email you. That's it!

How do I change my offer?

Just email whenever your special offer changes or expires.

Is Pelican Perks really free?

Yes! It's a simple programme with lots of exposure and no cost to you.

Are there promotional materials?

Pelican Perks has a limited number of promotional window clings with the Pelican Perks logo. Please contact us at if you join the Perks programme and would like us to send you a window cling.


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