UWIAA Chapters & Contacts

The UWI Alumni Association (UWIAA) Chapters provide the opportunity for graduates to stay connected to their classmates, faculty members and Alma Mater in ways that are mutually beneficial including:

Participation in activities that support UWI in the areas of student recruitment, career networking, mentoring and fund-raising. Reconnecton with or staying "connected" to UWI, as well as other alumni who share a similar profession, geographic location or special interest. Coming UWI events. These all have one thing in common; they demonstrate “Pelican Pride”, and bring alumni and friends together.

The UWIAA Chapters

To find out more about them and how you can be more CONNECTED to UWI through them, click on links below:

The UWIAA Contacts

The following persons have graciously agreed to be UWIAA Contacts. Click on their names to find out more:

Please contact them if you live in any of these areas, they will help you “stay connected” to your Alma Mater.

DEFINITION OF A UWIAA CONTACT: Individual volunteer where there is no UWIAA Chapter. He/she serves as point of contact for the Institutional Advancement Division and Campus Alumni Officer and alumni travelling to the area, as well as a resource for UWI faculty and staff. The volunteer may be called on to assist the IAD and/or Campus Alumni Officer in developing and coordinating activities for area alumni, creating opportunities for area alumni to meet visiting UWI Executive Members and Faculty and to keep alumni in contact with the institution through the IAD and AO.

Why not JOIN a UWIAA Chapter today! Get involved and volunteer to assist your Alma Mater.

Stay connected... Get involved... Stay involved!


The Chancellor's Presidents Club (CPC) 

Members = Past and current UWI Alumni Association Presidents and Contacts

Aim: Their involvement in Young, Professional and Established Alumni Programmes across the UWI campuses through the UWIAA Chapters. They remain "engaged" with The UWI as volunteers, guest lecturers, professional /academic E-Mentors, participants in annual VCPC teleconferences and members of the VCPC Advisory Board which meets annually and sends a report to the UWI Vice Chancellor with suggestions / concerns so that their expertise is retained. 

The ACP and AAP Programmes

Alumni Culture Programme (AEP): A one to three week overseas summer programme for UWI students which is designed to expose the students to the language, culture and society of the host country.,especially important in our global society. UWIAA local Chapter members host the students (providing accommodation and food).

Alumni Apprentice Programme (AAP): A three to six week overseas summer internship/apprenticeship programme for UWI students, designed to expose the students to the cultural, professional and social fabric of the host country. The UWIAA host Chapter is responsible for locating the internship opportunity and members host the students (providing accommodation and food). A key benefit for the employer is to develop or strengthen their links with the Caribbean while also deriving benefit from the multi-cultural interaction, leading to a better understanding of diversity in our global environment. 


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