AEP - Lecturers

AEP - Lecturers

In line with the UWI Triple A Strategic Plan, Deans have been asked to expose students to the world of work and the AEP is a part of this larger project for which Deputy Deans are responsible. This information will be reported to Faculty Board and will assist with Accreditation and Rankings, as an engaged alumni population is a reflection of a positive student experience.   


Note - The e-form below will only have to be used by all lecturers, a miniumum of once a semester.



Criteria for Selection of Graduates: 


1. Graduates should have a minimum of 3 - 5 years experience in the field. 


2. Graduates must be able to impart valuable information related to a particular part of the curriculum  being taught. 


3. Graduates must be willing to field questions for a portion of the period 


NOTE: The AEP Reporting Form must be submitted within a week of the nteraction with the invited guest alumni lecturer. This information will be submitted to the Deputy Dean as the information will form part of the report to the Faculty Board..  

* Minimum time suggested - 30 minutes (15 minutes presentation and 15 minutes Q&A) 

Alum's Employer
e.g. course name, seminar, social, meeting or sporting event


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