MSc. Sport ( Biomechanics, Coaching, Kinetics, Strength & Conditioning)


The Master of Science in Sport with specialization is being designed for Physical Education teachers, coaches, athletic trainers, therapists and other professionals with undergraduate degrees in sport or related disciplines who wish to pursue advanced studies in Sport.  Candidates will complete a total of 39 credits and pursue one of four specializations: Strength & Conditioning, Biomechanics, Kinetics and Coaching. Online courses covering theory and applied science will culminate in a face to face practicum each year.

MPhil/PhD Sport

Sport touches society in every way. Participation leads to team spirit and fair play. Communities and Countries in the Caribbean are identified by sport and most people identify with sport. Study in Sport can involve sociological aspects, economic impact, scientific interventions and psychological effects on groups of people, countries or the region as a whole. This programme allows students to do in-depth research into any aspect of Sport that has a bearing on the West Indian Society.


Admission to the MPhil programme

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