Dean's Message

Dr. Akshai Mansingh

Welcome to 2020-21!  A year ago, who could have imagined where we would be now. The COVID-19 pandemic affected every person in the world in some way as well as every profession. Yet few were affected the way that Sport was. Full stop! A multibillion-dollar industry ground to a complete halt. Olympics postponed, World Cups postponed, lucrative leagues postponed, all of which affected our region. 

The University of the West Indies took a very nimble approach to salvage the last semester, and this has transformed teaching forever. In converting completely to online teaching, and redesigning courses, we at the Faculty of Sport have used our multi campus presence to an advantage. This year will see the delivery of some courses across campuses, so that the best lecturers and experts in each subject are available to all of you, no matter which campus you are enrolled in. With the One UWI approach we see improvement in delivery and interaction across all campuses which benefits all. 

As our sports start to crawl back to resumption, we are mindful of the precautions and vulnerability in the upcoming year. However, we are committed to ensure that our students get their practical experience through innovative interaction and learning. And for our athletes, we are committed to providing earliest resumption as allowed by our respective Governments, ensuring that safety is our foremost priority. 

The Faculty of Sport has grown impressively across all campuses of UWI with increased programme offerings and increased student uptake. We have also been advocates of Sport regionally holding seminars and workshops regularly, including during the COVID-19 hiatus. Our teams continue to perform at prominent levels in all territories and our Combined Campus and Colleges Cricket Team remains strong in the region. Our facilities continue to improve such that more events are being held at our campuses. This year we welcomed all the Caribbean Premier League teams training at our St. Augustine grounds, as the sole training facility. 

The forthcoming year is full of uncertainties. What is clear is that the quality of Programmes offered at the Faculty of Sport will not be compromised. Nor will the efforts to resume training and competition at the highest level possible. We are committed to making 2020-21 a fulfilling year for you!