Faculty Office

Dr Akshai Mansingh


Miss Asenath Sharpe

Administrative Officer

Ms. Patrene Curtis

Administrative Secretary

Mr. Daren Ganga

Projects Officer

Dr. Claudette Coote-Thompson

Curriculum Development Specialist

Cave Hill

Dr. Rudolph Alleyne

Head of Academy

Ms. Josanne Thomas

Administrative Assistant (Ag)

Mrs. Amanda Reifer

Deputy Dean - International Partnerships and Business Development

Open Campus

Mr. Kervin Jean

Head of Academy

Mr. Roger Watts

Sports Academic Programme Officer

Miss Dayna Smith

Sports Activities Development Officer/Outreach

Mr. Charlton Ali

Sports Activities Development Assistant

Ms. Janessa Gordon

Administrative Assistant


Dr. Sharmella Roopchand-Martin

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Dorothy Hudson- Gayle

Adjunct Lecturer

Mr.Conrad Parks

Sports Coordinator

Ms. Fiona Binns

Sports Coordinator

Davion Meggo

Facilities Manager

Ms. Yvonne Andrews

Administrative Assistant

Mr. Akeem Hinds

Assist. Sports Cordinator

Dr. Aldeam Facey

Head of Academy

Dr. Ruchelle Brown Calvert

Head , Sports and Exercise Medicine Clinic

St. Augustine

Dr. Anand Rampersad

Head of Academy

Ms. Grace Jackson

Unit Coordinator, Sport & Outreach