About Us

Our Mission is 

Transforming the world through research and academics, that develop and deliver international sports excellence in an inclusive, harmonized, and student focused environment. One UWI always.

Our Vision is

To become the premier sport education organisation by delivering relevant world class opportunities that positively challenge this generation to create a more successful and sustainable future. One UWI always.

Our Values 

We are Passionate: We are all athletes and fans. This is not a job - this is an experience, and we deliver meaningful memories every day.

We are Competitors: In the classroom, in our communities, or on the field of play, we compete with a fearless commitment to excellence.

We are Welcoming: We are in the customer service business, and our customers are diverse and dynamic. Our hospitality is founded upon empathy and inclusiveness.

We are Academic Entrepreneurs: We believe that education is fundamental for a sustainable and successful future. We never stop learning and sharing our knowledge.

We are Curious: We think outside the box and challenge the status quo. We believe that, through our relentless commitment to improvement, we will build a healthier future for the next generation.

We are Accountable: We own our decisions. Because of this responsibility, we make decisions based on research, data, high ethical standards, and a balance of financial and social benefit.

We are Always One UWI: We build a stronger and more vibrant Caribbean through an integrated and aligned team that always strives to deliver One UWI.




Faculty of Sport(FSP) Journey

The Faculty of Sport was officially launched on July 26, 2017, at The UWI Regional Headquarters in Jamaica with operationalization beginning August 1 of the 2017/2018 academic year.

The Faculty of Sport reaches across four Campuses of The University of the West Indies, through Academies of Sport established on the Cave Hill,Mona, Open andSt. Augustine campuses. These Academies (previously known as Departments) are
responsible for academic activities, sports at all levels, as well as outreach to communities through sports.

The Faculty of Sport integrates teaching and research, professional development, community partnerships, and co- and extra-curricular student sport through three main units:

  • Professional Programmes, Outreach Projects Unit
  • Co-curricular Intramural-Activity Unit
  • Academic Programme Activity Unit


Inaugural Dean's Message

"It gives me great pleasure that our University's Faculty of Sport is a reality.

The launching of the Faculty of Sport is an exciting time for The University of the West Indies as it recognizes sport to be one of the strongest assets of the region. This is The UWI’s way of ensuring that the legacy remains. I am honoured to be charged with the task of making this happen across all four campuses.

The Faculty will not only aim to maintain the excellence of those who play sport but also those who play at sport. We aim to offer athletes the tools for achieving their full sporting potential by utilizing modern methods of training the body and mind. But we equally wish to offer opportunities to those involved in research around sport, which is a vital part of building not just an athlete, but also the Faculty.

Harnessing the expertise in all our campuses will allow us to reach all students and athletes in the region interested in sport, and is a commitment to the One UWI path".