UWI Teaching & Learning Remotely

Communication Strategies

Key things to remember when communicating with students are:

  • Communicate early and often (but don’t overload students).
  • Set expectations on how you will communicate and how often. Indicate to your students when they can expect a response to their questions (e.g. within 24 hours or 48 hours).
  • Manage your own communications load – answering questions in a way that all students receive the answer will reduce your need to answer the same questions multiple times. You can use a dedicated discussion forum in Moodle or announcements to ensure answers are accessible to everyone.
  • Create a checklist to show students what they will need to do to complete the course during this emergency situation.

Ways to communicate

  • Email – Faculty and students should use UWI email addresses for communication.
  • Moodle Announcements - This feature allows you to send out messages to all students in the course. Tip: Use announcements at least weekly to give students guidance as to what will happen during the week.
  • Moodle Discussion Forum – This feature allows you and your students to interact asynchronously.