UWI Teaching & Learning Remotely

Modifying Your Assessment Strategies

How will you assess your students remotely?

Consider using alternative assessments. For details on alternative assessment strategies, please refer to Authentic Assessment Examples

As you consider how to assess your students remotely, please consider the following:

  • Make your test open book, open note, and open Internet.
  • Communicate a clear purpose for the assessment, and clear expectations for appropriate use of materials, devices and collaboration among peers.
  • Design assessments that require higher-order thinking and resemble real life situations relative to your discipline.
  • Create assessments that require students to do novel, hard-to-plagiarize work (e.g., related to personal experience, fictitious scenarios, or very recent events).
  • Provide students with some choice in how they complete the assessment (e.g. topics, methods of research).
  • Try to avoid closed-ended questions (especially multiple choice, true-false, and basic identification which are susceptible to cheating).
  • Submit assignments using the Moodle assignments and Turnitin.
  • Use rubrics for grading.
  • Overall make sure that your choice of assessment strategy does not disadvantage any students and is fair to all.
  • Make sure that your assessments can be completed even if students have only limited Internet access.

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