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by Suzanne Francis-Brown

I was fascinated the first time I heard of Gibraltar Camp, a British Colonial Office facility established as a haven for civilian evacuees from the British Mediterranean fortress of Gibraltar, during World War II. Mostly women and children were housed in wooden barracks buildings across acres of former sugar land at Mona, on the outskirts of Kingston. Later, Jewish and other wartime refugees also lived there, on a lower level.

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Farewell Harry

“Sad to say I’m on my way

Won’t be back for many a day

My heart is down

My head is turning around

I had to leave a little girl in Kingston town” (“Jamaica Farewell” by Harry Belafonte)

As Harry bid his farewell on Tuesday, April 25, 2023 at the age of 96. He did not just “leave a little girl in Kingston town,” but rather, he left behind many faces with smiles turned upside down.

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Invitation for Applications for Museum Rental

Since 1948, The UWI has provided support to regional artists. Art is the lens through which Caribbean society has been made legible, contested, and negotiated. Caribbean artists in the 21st century continue to do this work by incorporating both innovative and older technologies such as artificial intelligence and printmaking.

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Surviving COVID-19: Visitors’ Words

Museums and the exhibitions they host offer an avenue for reflecting and connecting with elements of the past. However, it is often the interactive sections of the exhibitions that really stimulate thought and reflection. This is evident in the “Surviving COVID-19” exhibition where visitors often grow emotional in their recollection of the pandemic.