Campus Museums & Collections


Within the far-flung network of the UWI, a number of teaching collections and a few specialist museums have emerged on on the various campuses of the UWI: Mona, Jamaica; St Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago; Cave Hill, Barbados; Open Campus. These sometimes treat with material that is thematically similar – for instance botanical, zoological and geological collections.


Mona Collections:

• Lee Collection of Taino Artifacts, Archaeology Lab, Mona Jamaica. The James W. Lee Collection of Arawak (Taino) artifacts was donated to the UWI in 2000. Mr. Lee worked as a geologist in Jamaica from 1951 to 1986 and dedicated much of his life to the study of Jamaican archaeology.
• Herbarium: The Mona Campus Herbarium serves teaching and research and has over 30,000 specimens.
• Zoology Collection: There is a zoology teaching collection and a coral skeleton collection for teaching and research.



St Augustine Collections:

The UWI Main Library at St Augustine; itself home to a visiting collection of memorabilia from academic, politician and first Prime Minister of independent Trinidad & Tobago Eric Williams, hosts a St Augustine Museums Page

The webpage links to collections of the campus anatomy, zoology and pathology museums, archaeology centre as well as the National Herbarium of Trinidad & Tobago. The St Augustine campus is working towards the establishment of a full-fledged campus museum.


Cave Hill Collections:  

• Federal Archives:
• West Indies Cricket: There is a collection of photographs related to West Indies cricket in the Sports Pavilion at Cave Hill campus.