What We Do

The IGDS-RCO is aware of the contradictory social and economic circumstances of the Caribbean region, the sphere of its operations, and seeks to contribute to sustainable cultural development through teaching, gender mainstreaming training, participatory action research projects, community outreach and academic and popular publications. Through this multidisciplinary engagement, the IGDS-RCO seeks to work with the entire community to promote Gender Justice and equality for all.

The primary task of the RCO is to coordinate major regional activities in consultation with the Unit Heads and their community partners, and to help finance the enterprise through collaborative initiatives with its partners. The IGDS-RCO offers MPhil and PhD degrees in Gender and Development Studies and has forged development partnerships with key stakeholders to provide research, training and outreach expertise in which gender and other social organising factors are used as tools of analysis in the generation and reconstruction of knowledge. The IGDS-RCO has thus built a reputation for defining Caribbean gender discourses and scholarship and has published and disseminated its research results widely. For example, the first publication, Gender in Caribbean Development was the edited output from the Inaugural Seminar of the Women and Development Studies Project.

RACE as a Core Theme

Guided by an ideological approach, which focuses on RACE, the IGDS-RCO  is committed to:

R esearch

A ctivism

C ommunity Engagement and

E ducation