Mission and Vision of the IGDS


The Mission Statement of the Centre for Gender & Development Studies, developed in 1993, was reviewed and revised in 2003, 2010 and 2011 to give a more realistic perspective on the Institute’s mission. The current Mission Statement for the IGDS-RCO is to:

“Produce and disseminate knowledge to transform gender relations in the Caribbean, in support of the UWI’s mission to enhance regional and international development.”


The Vision statement of the IGDS-RCO  is that:

“All UWI Graduates are committed to social justice and the promotion of gender-responsive human relations and development “


The IGDS-RCO’s Mission and Vision is operationalised by producing and delivering interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary programmes that are characterized by excellence in:

Teaching and learning, guided by feminist theories and gender & development perspectives, principles and practices.

Research and publications from a gender perspective, which investigate societal issues and challenges.

Public service, outreach and activism that transform gender relations and promote social justice.

Building partnerships and mobilizing resources to facilitate development programmes


The IGDS - RCO Startegic Goals