The IGDS Timeline
1975 - 1985
10 years
The United Nations Decade for Women advocates the promotion of equal rights and opportunities for women.
1 year
Regional seminar on The Integration of Women in Caribbean Development, in Jamaica recommends establishment of a "Women and Development Unit" at the University of the West Indies.
1 year
Women and Development Unit (WAND) established in Barbados as an arm of the Extra Mural Department to build consciousness, capacity and cohesion and to link academics and activists on issues related to women in rural development.
1979 - 1982
3 years
Women in the Caribbean Project (WICP) developed, meeting of regional educators hosted by WAND recommended establishment of a multi-disciplinary teaching programme at the UWI within a five-year period.
1 year
Position paper on the introduction of a Programme of Women and Development Studies at the University of the West Indies is prepared by Professor Reddock and presented to a regional meeting in March 1982.
1 year
Women and Devlopment Studies (WDS) Groups formed on the three UWI campuses comprised of women and men at UWI, to increase knowledge of gender issues in the Caribbean: prepare an integreated, interdisciplanry programme of Women/Gender and Development Studies and link teaching research and outreach.
1 year
The Government of the Netherlands (GON) signs an agreement with the University of the West Indies to support a two-phase Project of Cooperation in Teaching, Research and Outreach in Women and Development Studies. Three interdisciplinary and six disciplinary sessions are held.
1 year
Under the terms of the UWI/IOP?ISS Project contract, the establishment of a Centre was required as one of the outcomes. This led to the establishment, outside of the Faculty Structure, of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender and Development Studies.
1998 - 2003
5 years
Funding is secured by the Royal Netherlands Embassy to support Certificate Programme in Gender and Development Studies and Staff training in Qualitative Research Methods.
1 year
The Centre for Gender and Development Studies celebrates a decade of institutionalization within the UWI Structure. The Theme for the UWI Mona Academic Conference is Gender is the 21st Century: Perspectives, Visions and Possibilities.
1 year
The Centre for Gender and Development Studies celebrates fifteen years of institutionalization within the UWI Structure. 15th Anniversay Conference in honour of Professor Elsa Leo-Rhyne is convened from November 10-11, 2008 on the Mona Campus: Gender Perspectives in Education: Caribbean Impact, Global Reach.
2008 - 2009
1 year
The UWI Council givs approval to upgrade the status of the CGDS from Centre to Institute; and to gant its own undergarduate and postgraduate degrees.
1 year
The Centre for Gender and Development Studies celebrates two decades of institutionalization with the UWI Structure. the 20th Anniversay Conference in honour of Prof. Barbara Bailey in convened from November 6-8, 2013 on the St. Augustine campus: Continuities, Challenges and Transformations in Caribbean Relations.
1 year
In keeping with The UWI’s 2017 to 2022 Strategic Plan, which lists Gender Justice among its core values, The UWI Gender Policy seeks to embed strategies to address existing and potential disparities, and to offer alternatives to systemic and attitudinal practices that may reinforce gender prejudice, stereotyping, harassment, gender-based violence and discrimination; and deny members of The UWI community access to gender justice.