Graduate Programme Structure

Graduate Programmes

Postgraduate Diploma in Gender and Development Studies

Programme Goals

  1. To demonstrate the relevance of a gender perspective in Caribbean development
  2. To support national gender policies by developing a cadre of well-trained gender and development studies specialists
  3. To build capacity in gender-based analysis, to address issues of gender and development in a globalized world; and in development processes across various sectors.

Admission Requirements:

Applicants should have a first degree with at least a lower 2nd Class Honours (minimum GPA 2.5) or its equivalent. Preference will be given to students with some prior expose/experience in gender studies, such as The UWI Major or Minor in Gender and Development Studies.

Persons without the required entry degree, but who have governmental/NGO experience in the field of gender and development will be considered on a case-by-case basis in keeping with University of the West Indies regulations.

Applicants will also be required to include a personal statement of 800-1000 words explaining their interest in and knowledge of contemporary gender and development issues.


USD $3500 (for the entire duration of the programme) in addition to UWIs miscellaneous fees, which are paid annually.

Programme Structure

The programme is constructed a full-time one-year programme or a two-year part-time programme during which time the candidate must complete twenty-four credits, consisting of 5 compulsory core courses:

  1. GEND 6001: Contemporary Feminist Theorizing
  2. GEND 6601: Key Theories and Debates in Gender and Development
  3. GEND 6101: Introduction to Research Methods for Gender and Development
  4. GEND 6502: Gender Analysis for Development Policy and Planning
  5. GEND 6402: Gender, Political Activism and Mobilisation

Students must also:

  • Complete 1 elective course (4 credits)
  • Participate in 1 research seminar (non-credit)

Transition between Programme Levels

(in accordance with UWI Graduate Regulations)


MSc to Diploma: In consultation with their Supervisor and IGDS Graduate Studies Coordinator, students can request to transition to the Postgraduate Diploma while in the MSc Programme – if they cannot complete the research project, internship, or if the research project or internship is unsuccessful. To transition, the candidate would have to complete all the Diploma core and elective requirements.

MPhil/PhD to MSc: In consultation with Supervisor and IGDS Graduate Studies Coordinator, students can request to transition to the MSc while in the MPhil or PhD programme – if they are unable to complete the thesis or if the thesis was unsuccessful. To transition, the candidate must complete all the core courses and electives required for the MSc as well as the research project or internship.

MSc to MPhil: Applicants who have completed the IGDS MSc in Gender and Development Studies and have an excellent record of scholarship may apply to the MPhil programme. If accepted (through the OGSR upon recommendation of the IGDS), they would be required to complete the required research seminar(s), online research ethics course, and the research thesis for the MPhil programme. Supervisors may recommend that students take additional courses across faculties as needed for their research areas. Students may be exempted from course work on a case-by-case basis.

Upgrade from MPhil to PhD: MPhil students may apply to upgrade to the PhD in their second year after successful completion of an upgrade seminar; based on the quality of a substantial paper presented at a seminar of staff and students and assessed by three approved assessors. Applications are approved by the OGSR on the recommendation of the IGDS. Students may be exempted from coursework on a case-by-case basis.

Recommendations for transfer to the PhD will be initiated by the candidate’s Supervisor based on an assessment of the scope, depth and originality of the research in progress. Such recommendation will not normally be made before the beginning of the second year of registration. If the recommendation to transfer is approved by the OGSR, the candidate’s registration for the MPhil will terminate and the PhD registration will be dated from the date of the initial registration of the MPhil.