Institute for Gender and Development Studies
(Regional Coordinating Office)


Our Research Initiatives


Under our mandate to produce and disseminate knowledge based on the generation and analysis of research data on women, men, and gender related issues in the Caribbean, the IGDS has in excess of two decades’ experience in research around the ways in which systems and structures of gender can be used to enhance sustainability and social equity; improve the life chances of women and other vulnerable groups in the region and enhance structures and frameworks of governance in the region. 

As the leading authority on issues of gender and development in the Caribbean, and in collaboration with regional and international institutions concerned with gender and development; the IGDS has over two and a half decades’ experience of providing advisory services; influencing policy direction and building capacity at every level in the region and throughout its Diaspora.

Both institutionally and through individual members of staff, the IGDS has been has completed and contributed to a substantial body of work directly relevant to mainstreaming gender into structures and frameworks of governance.

IGDS, UWI boasts extensive experience in the implementation and management of research initiatives geared towards capacity building around issues of gender and development, including – though not limited to - the areas of:

  • Gender and Education
  • Gender Analysis and Mainstreaming
  • Capacity development and women’s leadership and economic empowerment
  • Equitable and effective leadership approaches and dynamics.
  • Effective political and social communications, advocacy and activism.
  • Gender-responsive decision-making.
  • Partnership-building with civil society for good governance and accountability.


Research and Community Engagement

The IGDS-RCO believes that it is important to build partnerships, increase knowledge and awareness despite cultural differences to contribute to change for the entire region. To operationalise this objective, the institute has undertaken development projects in conjunction with partners focused on entrenching gender responsiveness in sustainable policies and community engagement practices. The IGDS is committed to using research as an outreach strategy, especially to underserved communities, locally, regionally and internationally. Through these outreach activities the IGDS-RCO sensitizes ordinary women and men, boys and girls, educators, policy makers and the general population to issues of gender and development and social justice.  The IGDS-RCO advocates Gender Justice, a political responsibility operationalised through research and development projects. These initiatives include:








 “Positive Fathering: A Bridge to Enhancing Family Unity and Community Cohesion in Jamaica”


Dr. Natasha Mortley


2018 to 2019



Institute for Gender and Development Studies, Regional Coordinating Office and the Bureau of Gender Affairs

 “Gender and Media: Assessing impacts on Jamaican youth identity, attitudes and behaviours”.


Dr. Natasha Mortley/ Prof Adisa



Jamaica Broadcasting Commission 

Institute for Gender and Development Studies, Regional Coordinating Office

Rum, Sweat and Tears, a travelling exhibition

Dr. Imani Tafari-Ama





A New Jamaican Justice Era: Consolidating Community Access and Alternative Justice for the Protection of All.

IGDS/ RCO lead/

Dr. Opal Palmer Adisa / Dr. Imani Tafari-Ama



2-year contract; current


IGDS – RCO, Center for Leadership, Department of Government and Institute of Cultural Studies.


Re-imaging Manhood. In celebration of International Men’s Day, the RCO partnered with local organizations to host a two-day exhibition and forum. The exhibition featured artistic expressions, in which professional as well as emerging artists focused on themes of masculinity and power in social and cultural expressions


Dr. Opal Palmer Adisa






70 Plus Outstanding UWI Women, an exhibition and awards ceremony on the three campuses of The UWI, celebrating the excellence of 77 women who matriculated at The UWI since its inception as part of activities celebrating the 70th anniversary of the institution

Dr. Opal Palmer Adisa / Dr. Imani Tafari-Ama




Vice-Chancellor, Principal, Registrar and IGDS-RCO

Institute for Gender and Development Studies, Regional Coordinating Office

Institutional Strengthening in Gender Mainstreaming: A Partnership with the Jamaica Social Investment Fund for gender responsive training

Mrs. Suzanne Charles-Watson


Completed March 2018


Institute for Gender and Development Studies, Regional Coordinating Office