Institute for Gender and Development Studies
(Regional Coordinating Unit)

Dr. Natasha Kay Mortley

Dr. Natasha Kay Mortley is a Lecturer and Research Methodologist at the Institute for Gender and Development Studies, Regional Coordinating Office.  She holds a BSc in Sociology, MPhil in Sociology of Development and PhD in Migration and Development.  In 2006 she was the recipient of the Commonwealth Split Site Award, and in 2010 the GDN Award for research on Migration and Development.

Natasha Mortley has extensive experience in the field of Development Studies, having been engaged in a multi-disciplinary approach to key developmental challenges of particular relevance to the Caribbean region.  Her research work has inter alia focused on: migration & diaspora studies; migration, health & development; medical tourism; diaspora tourism; sports tourism; gender & leadership; gender & entrepreneurship; gender & climate change; and contemporary Caribbean masculinities.  Her disciplinary focus over the past fifteen (15) years has been dedicated to integrating a gender perspective to Caribbean social development and policy issues.  She therefore considers herself a social developmentalist working in the area of gender and development studies.

She currently serves as Expert Advisor to the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Secretariat “Migration and Diaspora Programme”, is a member of The African-Caribbean Women’s Mobility and Self-fashioning in Post-diaspora Contexts Network with the Southbank University, London UK and a member of the Migration and Development Cluster, SALISES Mona UWI.




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  • Film - Forward Home: The Power of the Caribbean Diaspora.  Documentary Film Revealing the Economic Power of the Caribbean Diaspora Living in Global Cities. Based on research on “Strategic Opportunities from the Caribbean Diaspora” with Keith Nurse et al. 2009 to 2011.

  • “Early Childhood in the Caribbean,” by Christine Barrow and Martin Ince.  Working Papers in Early Childhood Development, 2008.


Newspaper Articles

  • Positively Male: Leveraging Jamaican Masculinities for Effective Role Modeling. Jamaica Observer, 19th November 2018.
Research Interests: 

Academic interests

  • Migration and diaspora issues
  • Women’s love power migration
  • Caribbean Diaspora and medical tourism
  • Gender and leadership
  • Gender and climate change/disaster risk  management
  • Contemporary Caribbean masculinities
  • Research for capacity building

Outreach interests

  • Gender analysis for social policy
  • Gender training/advocacy
  • Female and youth empowerment