Impact of early childhood experiences on development

This program builds on cohorts established in infancy and early childhood to examine the effects of childhood stunting, low birth weight and the impact of early childhood interventions on child development.

Featured Projects

The gains at age 30 years from the Jamaica supplementation and stimulation study

This rare, decades-long study has validated the value and importance of early childhood development programmes, when children's brains are developing rapidly at this formative stage in their lives. Proper healthcare, nutrition, psychosocial stimulation and emotional support are essential to give children the foundation they need to do well; and not to lag behind more advantaged peers even before they start school, while optimizing their chances to succeed later in life. Find out more

The Evidence for Better Lives Study

The Evidence for Better Lives Study aims to better understand women’s experiences during pregnancy and the first months of her child’s life. Pregnancy and the first years of life are particularly important in the life of a developing child. Through this research, we hope to learn more about how children develop in the first years of life, and how parents can best support their children. The results will help to promote the health and wellbeing of children in Jamaica, so that they can achieve their full potential. Find out more

Other Projects

  • The long term outcome of premature infants born at the University Hospital of the West Indies and Victoria Jubilee Hospital
  • Birth weight, early life growth and renal outcomes in sickle cell disease