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Oriens Ex Occidente Lux: UCWI Pelican Donald J. Harris

As the light rises from the west so do the pelicans of the University (College) of the West Indies, glowing beyond geographical borders for all the world to see. Moulded and nurtured to profound intellectual maturity and equipped with the knowledge beyond typical academic proficiency. As Jamaicans rally with USA vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris, we would like to pause and reflect on the early years of her father, Professor emeritus Donald J. Harris through this feature article on him from the UCWI 1960 Pelican Annual.

Photo from 1960 Pelican Annual


UWI Museum’s Blog Series “Disease & Epidemics in the Caribbean” Continues

In response to the global pandemic, the UWI Museum issued a call for blog submissions to the wider Caribbean community to provide short and accessible histories on the diseases and epidemics in the region. This call generated submissions from the Dutch, English, Spanish & French Caribbean including the Caribbean coast of Latin America. If you were not able to follow the blogs click the links below to read the articles:

“Disease & Epidemics in the Caribbean: An introduction” –  https://wp.me/pc1ewL-L


Part 4: Do you know this building? YES!

Old Chemistry Building – Owen Minott Collection

On Monday, October 4, 1948, the first lecture was delivered by Chemistry Professor Cedric Hassell in a classroom next to the building in the photograph. This building, along with the first classrooms, was situated along the Old Gibraltar stores block, which is now the site of Founder’s Park. 


Part 4: Do you know this building?

Have you ever stopped to listen to the voices carried by the wind while strolling through the UWI Mona campus? They whistle through the ackee trees, aqueduct and distillery, singing with the windows and doors of the Old Library and Bookkeepers cottage, pulling attention to the presence of the past whilst orating the story of the palimpsest. Through the clattering of windows or a door escaping its lock, you are charged to look in the direction of these old structures, which illuminates the Campus’s multiple tiers of history.

Photo from the Owen Minott Collection



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