The Pelican (the UWI Mascot)

The Pelican

UWI students and alumni identify with, and are proud of, the UWI Coat of Arms, and therefore proudly associate with the SYMBOL of the Pelican.

Show your “Pelican Pride”!  Wear a UWI T-shirt or lapel pin. Carry a UWI Visa Card. Use your UWI Email for Life address 

"The University of the West Indies has to be critical for ensuring that the economic as well as the non-economic benefits of the Treaty of Chaguaramas are made real and patent. The harvest from Chaguaramas will result in large measure from the work and toil of the products of the Pelican.

That brand and what it stands for is one of the more powerful symbols of the capacity we as a people have of making the dream of Chaguaramas a reality.

I am sure every one of you knows that the Caribbean Brown Pelican has the characteristics that males and females share the responsibility for hatching the eggs and nurturing the young.I hope that lesson is not lost on UWI graduates, whom I have often called the sons and daughters of the Pelican"

Extract from "Chaguaramas and the Pelican"
Sir George Alleyne
Chancellor Emeritus 



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