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Students, e-mentorship can facilitate your academic and professional growth. It allows UWI graduates to give you up-to-date professional and academic advice via email - and alumni from all over the world have already signed up to participate!

NOTE: Your questions are to be ACADEMIC OR PROFESSIONAL only, for example:

  • Academic - related to course content/ industry trends, cutting edge innovations in the field, useful articles, websites or research etc.
  • Professional - related to career guidance, life skills, project planning, advocacy and more. Also courses that can help your career, recommendations on conferences to attend, ideas on how/where to apply for internships, fellowships or jobs in your field etc.

Your UWI alumni E- Mentor will respond via email within 24 hours and is looking forward to assisting you!

Note: The advice given here is given freely by alumni, with the understanding that there is no guarantee that it will assist in the exact way you envisage. It is given by alumni based on what they have experienced in their various careers and expertise. PLEASE contact a maximum 2 or 3 graduates at a time, so that you get answers from graduates with different work experiences and perspectives you are provided with varied options and views and can make your own decision based on a broad spectrum of information but do not spam the system. E- Mentorship is NOT a one-to-one Mentoring Programme. Should you need this kind of individual counselling and assistance, please contact the Campus Student Services Office on your campus. Contact should you have any queries.

Our list of E-Mentors:

E-Mentor Job Title Area of Expertise
Ms. Adrianna Ash contact
Ms. Nakeela Assee Audit Senior Accounting, Auditing, business contact
Mrs. Nadine Atkinson-Flowers Attorney Legal issues, writing, research contact
Mrs. Jacqueline Austin-Lander Teacher 11 sociology, government contact
Mr. terrence awai senior consultant management contact
Ms. Samantha Baboolal Clerical Assistant Academic, Peer Counselling contact
Mr. Harridath Bajnath Head of Department and Vice Principal (Ag) Grammar (English A), History , and any field relating to Literacy- Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Syntactic etc contact
Mr. Kavi Balleram Project Engineer Engineering contact
Ms. Adaleena Balroop Teacher Teaching, Secondary School, Social Sciences contact
Ms. Jamila Bannister Consultant Branding, Communications, Marketing, Business Development, Project Management contact
Mrs. Sharon Barnett Laidlaw Head - Human Resources Recruitment Skills (Interviewing skills) Negotiating Skills Organizational Development Career Development contact
Mrs. Violet Barrett-Patterson contact




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