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Be a part of the UWIAA VOLUNTEER PROGRAMME! Did you know that UWI has an army? Not a traditional military, but an army of  volunteers who are committed individuals who dedicate their time and energy to UWI. They help organize reunions, take part in e-mentorship, give valuable feedback to UWI Committees, and particpate and assist in our alumni and student events.

The tireless efforts of our volunteers are a vital part of UWI and contribute to the experience of UWI students and graduates. We really appreciate the involvement of ALL of our volunteers - to them we say a heartfelt - THANK YOU !

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Volunteer in the following ways:

Other ways you can help:

Send in your videos and photos to enhance the Alumni Online (AO) Experience for your fellow community members. Can you assist with this? Showcase your Caribbean country for example. Give us information to share with other graduates about the best time to travel there and why, the best places to eat, places to avoid, cultural differences one should be aware of, the best doctors and dentists to contact in an emergency and where to shop and what to buy for example.

Come to UWI events. We need our students to see and meet our alumni, for them to see that there are alumni who are still interested and who give back their time and expertise to help the next generation. We hope that you will inspire them to do the same and to be role models, for the next generation of UWI students, just as you have been to them.

Show your "Pelican Pride" ... volunteer today!

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