Sport Matters



Sport Matters

Mem­bers of The Uni­ver­si­ty of the West In­dies’ Fac­ul­ty of Sport, in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Guardian Me­dia’s Sports Desk, started a dis­cus­sion on sport­ing mat­ters through­out the cam­pus­es and as they af­fect the re­gion. Keep abreast with the conversation:


Latest Sport Matters

Racism in Sport

Caption: Former World Heavyweight boxing champion Muhammed Ali, left, with a young Malcolm X.  (

December 14, 2020

Athlete drug testing during COVID-19

Caption: Great Britain's Mo Farah celebrates after setting a world record during the One Hour Men's at the Diamond

November 26, 2020

Exercise and Immunity

Caption: Brothers Christopher and Curron Gordon do circuit

November 02, 2020

'Bubble' Brings Mental Challenges

In this Gleaner article, Daniel Wheeler highlights Dr. Mansingh's position that measures must be taken to ensure the mental health of players in

October 06, 2020


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