BSc. Sport Leadership & Management


The creation of the Sport Leadership and Management B.Sc. programme is intended to provide students with an opportunity to combine their practical sport leadership experiences with sport management theory thereby enabling them to prepare for  successful careers in the sport organizational environments.  

The Open Campus Academy of Sport (OCAS) views the study of sport leadership and management in combination with other specialized areas of study as facilitating an integrative understanding of management principles within the dynamic contexts of Caribbean and global sport leadership and management practices.

The BSc Sport Leadership and Management can be combined with Minors in other disciplines.

Minors in the following areas can therefore be declared:

  • Parks and Recreation

  • Facilities Management

These Minors have been declared due to increased demand by private and public sector interests in developing a culture of facilities management in the region. There also exists a large parks and recreation sector in the Caribbean in dire need of personnel to bring principles of management to increase the prospects of their viability, so the Parks and Recreation minor equips students to acquire capacities to service this sector. The aim is to meet the needs of our target population while at the same time introducing specialized areas that serve to enhance the professional capacities of persons working in, Facilities Management and Parks and Recreation Management.

Graduates from this programme will be able to go on to work in the corporate, government, sport, events, facilities management, and charity sectors.


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