BSc Sport and Physical Literacy


The Bachelor of Science in Sport and Physical Literacy consists of a total of ninety (90) credits. It offers four main areas of study: 1. Basic Sciences; 2. Sport and Physical Literacy specific; 3. Professional, and 4. Foundation Courses and are offered over three (3) semesters per year. 

There will be a minimum of seven (7) Theory and Practice of Sport courses that will allow participants to apply relevant sport and physical literacy theories, principles and practices to sport specific disciplines. Programme participants will also engage in Practicum assignments and a Final Project, which will serve to allow them to apply what they have learned in the programme to sport and physical literacy/education learning environments, with the aim of improving the delivery of sport and physical literacy in schools, and in their communities.

This programme is laddered so that participants, will have the option of exiting after completing thirty (30) Level 1 course creditsfor which they will receive a Certificate in Sport and Physical Literacy. 

Participants who complete thirty (30) Level 1 credits in addition to Introduction to Research Skills, Mathematics for Social Sciences, a Professional Development Portfolio and Action Research, plus one (1) Elective will be awarded an Associate degree in Sport and Physical Literacy with a total of forty-five (45) credits.

Both certificate and associate degree may be used to matriculate into related undergraduate programmes. Ten (10) Core Level 1 courses in the Associate degree have been identified as equivalent to Level 1 BSc in Sport and Physical Literacy. Persons who go on to complete 60 Level 2 and 3 credits will be awarded a Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Physical Literacy.  It should be noted that participants will not obtain all levels of awards, but will be able to upgrade components based on successful completion of prerequisites.


Who is the programme for?

Physical education teachers across Primary and Secondary schools

Admission Requirements

For persons entering the Certificate and Associate degree level, applicants should normally have five (5) '0' Levels (or equivalent), including English Language, Mathematics and three other relevant subjects, or mature students who do not strictly meet the academic requirements but have seven (7) years or more experience as a coach, physical trainer or instructor may be considered for admission.

All persons entering the BSc Sport and Physical Literacy level must have a minimum of five passes as follows:

1. Mathematics and English Language from either or both of the following examination bodies:

                   a)      General Certificate of Education, Ordinary level (GCE O’Level) Grades A, B

                   b)      Caribbean Examination Council (CSEC) General Proficiency Level 1 or 2, General Proficiency Level 3 after 1998.

2. Two subjects from either or both of the following examination bodies.

a)   General Certificate of Education, Advanced Level (GCE A’ Level) Grades A, B, C, D, or E.

b)  Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) Units 1 & 2 of each course, Grades 1- 5.

Candidates with qualifications other than those specified will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Do visit the Open Campus website for further application details.