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UWI/FIFA/CIES Diploma in Sports Management


The emphasis of this postgraduate diploma programme is on understanding the management, marketing and policy development challenges of delivering sports services within the Caribbean sports management environment. The courses and projects to be pursued will facilitate the development of skills and competencies necessary for success at senior management level in sporting organizations in the public, commercial and voluntary sectors.

MSc. Sport and Exercise Medicine - Physiotherapy

This programme recognizes the calibre of athletes that our physiotherapists are asked to manage throughout the region. Historically most athletes sought all medical treatment outside the region, but this trend is changing with the introduction of Sports Medicine trained physicians. The rehabilitation of the athlete however has not been uniform throughout the region and the tendency to leave the region, or employ physiotherapists from outside of the region has been growing. This programme reaffirms the commitment of the UWI to meet the needs of the entire region.

MSc. Sport Medicine

Historically most athletes sought all medical treatment outside the region.
The Masters Sports Medicine was designed to develop specialists in
Jamaica to cater to the unique needs of our athletes. This group of
specialists will be trained in modern treatment methods and use of ethical
scientific practices to enhance sporting ability. They will also be
empowered to play a major role in reducing the incidence and effects of
almost all chronic conditions that are widespread in the region and are a
drain on financial resources.


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