Making a MOOC with FutureLearn


Why MOOCs at UWI?


The UWI is building on its global reputation and increasing its course offerings to a global market. One strategy to accomplish this is by creating MOOCS through FutureLearn, a UK based MOOC provider.




Current UWI MOOCs





MOOCs and You

Here are some reasons why you should consider making a MOOC:

  1. MOOCs provide a global platform for you to showcase your teaching and research and engage with global students
  2. MOOCs provide analytics that can help you improve your teaching
  3. MOOCs increase access to education
  4. MOOCs allow you to learn new skills for online course design and delivery
  5. MOOCs offer departments an opportunity to earn revenue


MOOC Making Process

The diagram below outlines the process for creating a MOOC. Click on the diagram to learn more:

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