Office of the Board for Undergraduate Studies


The University of the West Indies (UWI) has evolved from a fledgling college in Jamaica with 33 students to a full-fledged, regional University with well over 40,000 students. Today, UWI is the largest, most longstanding higher education provider in the Commonwealth Caribbean, with four campuses in Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Open Campus. The UWI has faculty and students from more than 40 countries and collaborative links with 160 universities globally; it offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree options in Food & Agriculture, Engineering, Humanities & Education, Law, Medical Sciences, Science and Technology and Social Sciences. UWI’s seven priority focal areas are linked closely to the priorities identified by CARICOM and take into account such over-arching areas of concern to the region as environmental issues, health and wellness, gender equity and the critical importance of innovation.

Since 2010, the UWI is an International competitive, contemporary university, deeply rooted in the Caribbean, committed to creating the best possible future for all its stakeholders.


Regional and Campus Specific Scholarships

The UWI awards a number of regional scholarship (university-wide), including the UWI Open Scholarship, and the UWI/CSEC Scholarship, as well as campus-specific scholarships which are available to full-time undergraduate students pursuing a degree programme.  Criteria for these awards include outstanding academic performance, financial need and community involvement.

Regional scholarships are available to CARICOM nationals in any faculty. Continuation of these scholarships is subject to the attainment of at least a 3.0 (B average) cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA), throughout the entire degree programme.

The UWI Open Scholarship covers the full cost of tuition (20% Economic Cost) and maintenance for the duration of the programme of study.

The UWI/CSEC Scholarship is awarded annually to the top nine achievers in the CSEC
Examinations. Awardees must take up the scholarship within three years and matriculate to the University on the basis of his/her Advanced Level/CAPE Examinations or an Associate Degree. The award covers full tuition (20% Economic Cost) and an allowance towards the cost of accommodation and books.


University Bursaries

The UWI awards Academic Bursaries on the basis of at least 3.0 (B average) cumulative GPA and Co-curricular Bursaries on the basis of contribution to University life as evidenced by participation in co-curricular activities.

For further information on the regional and campus-specific scholarships, university bursaries, and other means of student financing see the sites listed below.

Mona Campus

Cave Hill Campus

St Augustine Campus:

Open Campus:

UWI Open Scholarship:


UWI Open Scholarship Awardees

Name Nationality   Faculty   Programme Campus
 Antonette Anderson   Jamaican

 Humanities and   Education

 Journalism  Mona
 Ashanae Aris  Jamaican

 Social Sciences

 Economics  Mona
 Marissa Auguste  St. Lucian

 Science and Technology

 Biology  St. Augustine
 Omari Brown  Jamaican

 Science and Technology

 Actuarial   Science  Mona
 Shavane Clarke  Jamaican

 Science and Technology

 Actuarial   Science  Mona
 Akeem Dawes  Jamaican

 Science and Technology

 Meteorology  Cave Hill
 Velindel Esnard  St Lucia

 Science and Technology

 Biology and   Chemistry  St. Augustine
 Amala Evans  Jamaican


 Civil   Engineering  Mona
 Alex-Ann Forsythe  Jamaican

 Social Sciences

 Banking and   Finance  Mona
 Jean-Marc Granderson   Trinidadian


 Mechanical   Engineering  St. Augustine
 Shnyia Hackshaw  Trinidadian

 Humanities and   Education

 Linguistics  St. Augustine
 Jessica Lee  Jamaican

 Social Sciences 

 Accounting  Mona
 Jabari Lewis  Barbadian

 Social Sciences

 Psychology   with Political   Science  Cave Hill
 Justin Lynch  Jamaican

 Science and Technology

 Acturial   Science  Mona
 Victoria Maharaj  Trinidadian

 Social Sciences

 Management   Studies  Open   Campus
 Janice McMaster  Vincentian

 Social Sciences

 Financial   Management  Open   Campus
 Shereefa McCalla  Jamaican

 Social Sciences

 Accounting  Mona
 Aliyah Mills  Jamaican

 Science and Technology

 Computer   Science  Mona
 Annissa Moulon   Dominican  Humanities and Education  Educational Leadership  Open Campus
 Danielle Mullings  Jamaican

 Science and Technology

 Software   Engineering  Mona
 Sai Nareddi  Jamaican

 Medical Sciences

 Medicine and   Surgery  Mona
 Adalia Nembhard  Jamaican 


 Law  Cave Hill
 Damario Patterson  Jamaican


 Law   Mona
 Kerneese Ramjarrie   Trinidadian


 Petroleum   Geoscience  St. Augustine
 David Solmon  Jamaican

 Social Sciences

 Public Policy  Mona
 Abigail Sandiford  Barbadian

 Social Sciences

 Accounting   with Finance  Cave Hill
 Gregory Slater  Jamaican

 Humanities and   Education

 Integrated   Marketing   Communication   Mona
 Raheem Wilson  Jamaican


 Software   Engineering  Mona


UWI Open Scholarship Awardees Testimonials


Shavane Clarke, Faculty of Science and Technology, Mona Campus

“Hello there prospective and current UWI students. It is really an honour to be awarded this prestigious scholarship. Not only will it alleviate the financial burdens that I was faced with upon entry to the UWI, but it will also further fuel my determination and dedication to be the first to graduate in my family and help in the upliftment of my household and community. I really want to extend sincerest of gratitude to the Office of Board of undergraduate Studies and the stakeholders who made and continue to make this scholarship a success.”


 Aliyah Mills, Faculty of Science and Technology, Mona Campus

“What does it mean to be a UWI scholarship recipient? This means that you have been deemed worthy of acknowledgement by one of the top 3% prestigious universities in the world. This means that all of your academic endeavours, trials and tribulations experienced in the first 18-19 years of your life suddenly seems all the more worth it. This means that if you remain stoic and steadfast in your pursuit of a higher education, all things are possible.”


 Janice McMaster, Faculty of Social Sciences, Open Campus

"I am grateful to OBUS for the opportunity to continue pursuing my vision of earning a BSc in Financial Management. Thus far, my experience as a UWI Open Scholarship awardee has been gratifying. Having the financial burden lifted off my shoulders has afforded me more time to focus on my studies, my family and community activities. Early 2020, I was unsure how I was going to afford my tuition as my financial situation had drastically changed and the fear of having to give up on my dreams was daunting. However, I continued amidst the uncertainty and it was on that need to continue dreaming that I started looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. OBUS was that light, and now my path to fulfilling my aspiration is illuminated."


 Abigail Sandiford, Faculty of Social Sciences, Cave Hill Campus

As an awardee, I feel that I am being held to a high academic standard and as a result I have fought to dedicate myself to my studies more intensively. It has been an effective motivational factor when the workload becomes tremendous, a very personal show of merit and value that I wish to maintain for myself, and a source of relief for my family, who no longer has to bear the financial burden.”


 Jean-Marc Granderson, Faculty of Engineering, St Augustine Campus

“I am honoured to be a recipient of this prestigious scholarship.  It would indeed alleviate my university expenses, making my educational experience a much easier one as an undergraduate student in the field of Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, St. Augustine Campus. 

I am grateful that UWI OBUS has recognized in me a rich blend of extra-curricular activities, community involvement and academics.  The sports of triathlon and swimming, and having represented my country both nationally and internationally, have afforded me towards becoming a more focused, well-rounded and disciplined student.

I assure the Board that this award would propel me towards my educational aspirations.”


 Damario Patterson, Faculty of Law, Mona Campus

“The UWI Open Scholarship, for me, is not short of a miracle. Having been rejected by many scholarship-offering entities, I was losing hope, especially in the face of my very high tuition alongside the other expenses attached to tertiary level education. This reality was exacerbated given my twin brother, who is also attending university and the unemployment of my mother due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This scholarship has, therefore, provided me with the opportunity to gain higher learning, and I am beyond grateful for and humbled at the expression of confidence and support shown to me by all stakeholders.”


 Kerneese T. Ramjarrie, Faculty of Engineering, St. Augustine Campus

"Being one of the recipients of the Open Scholarship is truly a blessing from God. It has provided me with an exceptional opportunity to fulfil my dream and represents the importance of determination and consistency. This scholarship marks the beginning of my journey to becoming an astounding Petroleum Geophysicist and has motivated me to continue giving my best, knowing that God will always reward hard work with success."


 Amala Evans, Faculty of Engineering, Mona Campus

“Being awarded a prestigious honour such as this scholarship has instilled in me an extraordinary appreciation and responsibility. I am able to attend my dream university without the worry of financing such. I am, therefore, better able to focus on my studies to ensure my success in this endeavour. The UWI Open Scholarship has afforded me an opportunity to further my studies as this has provided me with the wherewithal to become a civil engineer. I am truly appreciative of this opportunity and this honour.”


 Akeem Dawes, Faculty of Science and Technology, Cave Hill Campus

"I am honoured and humbled to be a recipient of a UWI Open Scholarship. This scholarship has helped me immensely as it greatly eases my financial burden and allows me to be more focused on my academics. It is a huge motivator for me to keep a high academic standard and makes me feel like my efforts have not been in vain. This scholarship gives me the means by which to continue on my educational journey and hopefully make a positive impact on society in the future."


 Antonette Anderson, Faculty of Humanities and Education, Mona Campus

“This scholarship is an unexpected blessing that has significantly improved my outlook on school. I registered for university only by faith. My family had put together all they had to finance my first year but we had no way to self finance this year. I called businesses, politicians and anyone I thought could help while I awaited responses for my many scholarship applications. I was also looking for work to contribute to my fees. However, the UWI Open Scholarship alleviates my main worries and allows me the freedom to focus more on having a successful UWI experience.” 


 Shnyia Hackshaw, Faculty of Humanities and Education, St. Augustine Campus

“To be a UWI scholarship recipient, details a distinctive passion for learning, driven by tenacity, integrity, dedication and a grateful heart. At The UWI, St. Augustine Campus, I pursue Linguistics (BA) in the Faculty of Humanities and Education. My fascination manifests in Linguistics’ delicate interweaving into everyday language use. My Speech-Language Pathology minor promotes the fulfilment of the shifting developmental needs of the Caribbean and the globalized world. As an avid learner and a linguistic enthusiast, this bears central importance. To the bursary, a sincere thank you for fuelling my dreams; to the reader, be relentless in the pursuit of your ambitions; and to all those who believed in me, this is for you.”


 Danielle Mullings, Faculty of Science and Technology, Mona Campus

“For me, the UWI Open scholarship symbolizes hope and opportunity. I am honoured to be a recipient of this prestigious award as it allows me to focus on my studies without worrying about financing. The future leaders of tomorrow are being built today. Thank you, UWI, for investing in me and my future. I look forward to advancing the Caribbean’s pursuit of technological advancement."


 Adalia Nembhard, Faculty of Law, Cave Hill Campus

“Being selected as one of the UWI Open Scholarship recipients is truly a humbling and rewarding opportunity. It is a manifestation of prayer, hard-work, discipline and determination. This scholarship has lifted numerous burdens and reassured me that I am on the right path towards fulfilling my dream of meaningfully contributing to advocacy. It also serves as a reminder that His provisions are always incomparably abundant. Since this reception, I have been able to comfortably pursue my studies, and relish new experiences, while being reminded of the high standard that I must maintain.”


 Alex-Ann Forsythe, Faculty of Social Sciences, Mona Campus

“The honor and privilege of being a recipient of the UWI Open Scholarship has been an immeasurable blessing. I believe that being a UWI scholarship recipient means recognizing the responsibility that comes with the privilege that we have been afforded. It is our duty to use this opportunity to realise our fullest potential so that we can go out and pave a way forward that enables us to help others to achieve their fullest potentials as well.”


 Raheem Wilson, Faculty of Science and Technology, Mona Campus

“Being a recipient of the prestigious UWI Open Scholarship is a testament of God’s richest blessings that he has bestowed on me. Indeed, hard work and perseverance is the hallmark to success and this scholarship has motivated me to embark on the journey to become a software developer. It is a dream come through and is one of my greatest achievements of being a part time dreamer but a full time achiever.”