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1 2 CERMES PowerPoint slide 20140613_112449 CERMES RT meet research students 20140610_163649 CERMES RT with PVC Research 20140610_110214 RSDC Mona DP DSC03294 RSDC Mona PVC Grad and participants DSC03302 RSDC Mona PVC Grad DSC03303 Seismic RT meet ATS staff 20140408_150054 Seismic RT meet Head Montserrat OCCS 20140414_162309 Seismic RT meet PVC Grad Studies 20140409_155414 CERMES RT with CH CC 20140612_143458 Seismic RT meet staff 20140407_113413 Seismic RT Skype with PVC BUS 408_134824 Seismic RT meet PVC Research 20140409_120148 CERMES RT with PVC BUS 20140611_114029 CERMES meet academic staff 20140610_151737 Yippee Workshop CERMES RT make points 20140610_151810 Picture #1 - Quality Assurance Review of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering - November 14-18, 2017 Picture #2 - Quality Assurance Review od the Department of Food Production - January 30-February 03, 2017 Picture #3 - Quality Assurance Review of the Literatures in English Section-February 23-27,2015

Message from Professor Alan Cobley, Pro Vice Chancellor and Chair OBUS

pvc_alan_cobley"It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Quality Assurance Unit Webpages. On these pages you will meet the outstanding staff of the Quality Assurance Unit and find important information on the critical role of the Unit in our University. This information includes the key policies, procedures and guidelines relating to the administration of quality assurance evaluations and reviews at the University of the West Indies. You will also learn how – as a member of our academic or administrative staff, as a student, or as another interested stakeholder – you can contribute to the continuing tradition of excellence that has made the University of the West Indies the premier institution of higher learning in the Caribbean."
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The outstanding team of the Quality Assurance Unit spans the
four campuses of The UWI

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