Office of the Board for Undergraduate Studies

About The UWI Quality Education Forum

The UWI Quality Education Forum (QEF) is a refereed journal published annually by The University of the West Indies (UWI), Office of the Board for Undergraduate Studies (OBUS) through the collaboration of The UWI Writing Across the Curriculum Working Group (WAC) at the Mona Campus.  The journal targets a regional and international audience in the Higher Education Sector and offers scholars, educational practitioners, educational researchers, policy makers, administrators, and students a forum to disseminate knowledge and ideas related to teaching and learning to enhance the delivery of higher education.

Its overarching mission is to contribute to the expansion of research that promotes the development and delivery of tertiary education and ensures quality assurance, through high-level publications with a vision to disseminate high-level research among various disciplines at the tertiary level in communicating the goals and principles of Higher Education through well-researched essays and in the dissemination of cutting-edge work.  Researchers and scholars are provided access to rigorous research outcomes and empirical data to aid in their teaching, research and writing in various disciplines. 

The QEF has developed from a newsletter, ‘OBUS NEWS’ in 1996 to magazine format in 1999 when it was renamed YouWe Quality Assurance Forum. In 2003, it was assigned an ISSN number and renamed The UWI Quality Education Forum (QEF) while it continued to receive magazine-like papers and a few academic papers.  In January 2011, OBUS collaborated with The UWI WAC Working Group, Mona Campus, and the journal was later transformed as a refereed journal which later saw the introduction of an Editorial Board comprising regional and international members. The QEF was published in print until 2014/2015 when it was first published online as well.  In 2021, OBUS forged a partnership with the UWI Press for greater publicity and wider readership of the QEF.