Innovation and Entrepreneurial Culture

A network of special units, centres and institutes (UCIs), faculties, libraries and the Office of Graduate Studies and Research working together to nurture research, advance innovations and promote entrepreneurship. So that the big ideas generated at The UWI can impact the wider society.

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

In the last decade there has been a surge in the number of research and development agreements between universities and the private sector. In its current strategic plan, The UWI included innovation and entrepreneurship as part of its developmental agenda in addition to teaching and learning.

The regional university has established facilities and services in support of innovation and entrepreneurship, through entities such as its St. Augustine Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (StACIE), Mona Office of Research and Innovation (MORI), Cave Hill Office of Research and Innovation, and Global Campus Business Development Unit.

We highlight four key solutions that The UWI offers Caribbean investors, innovators, entrepreneurs and start-ups to grow their businesses.

Entrepreneurship and Business Planning Support

The UWI promotes and supports innovation and entrepreneurship development through coaching, training, networking and mentorship. We can progress commercially viable proposals through the required steps towards implementation.

Business Investor Options

Our team can provide Business Investor and Start-Up Capital Support Options to realise project commercialisation. As an academic institution, The UWI also has an advantage through its ability to attract grant funding from external funding agencies.

Start-up Capital Support

UWI Ventures Limited, a wholly owned UWI holding company, can guide you through the process of assessment, development, and coaching to get you to investment readiness. Its VenturesApp, a digital business support platform, positions high performers and high value projects for funding with our panel of investors. Visit today to download the VenturesApp and get the conversation started.

Innovation and Research Support

We are your first port of call if you are seeking R&D and prototyping assistance, grant/seed funding, IP management, development and protection support. Businesses can develop University-Industry Partnerships and access Campus expertise across all fields.

Featured Project

Innovation lab

The first of its kind in the English-speaking Caribbean, The Innovation Lab is ultimately designed to accelerate the digital competence and capabilities of Trinidad and Tobago. Housed in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The UWI, the world-class laboratory is set to propel academic research, and facilitate testing and development of new and innovative tech based products and services; towards commercialisation of unique intellectual property.

It will also serve as a training ground for students and ICT professionals to hone their skills.


Special Report

Building an Entrepreneurial UWI

Innovation is a key driver of economic growth and we are taking a leadership role in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship across the region in order to realise this growth.

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