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Since its inception in 1949, Caribbean Quarterly has published several monographs, most of which have comprised selections of articles previously published in CQ, now grouped together for reproduction under the umbrella of a specific theme. Many of our most sought-after articles are out of print; we have endeavoured in the monograph series to combine previously published CQ articles of thematic interest which are frequently requested by readers and researchers. Our monograph series also includes other material of special interest to scholars, such as the Rastafari Reports (see below).

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John Hearne’s Life and Fiction: A Critical Biographical Study (2013)


There are few literary biographies of West Indian writers, and fewer still of Jamaican writers. Because the literature of our region is comparatively young, the impetus has been to create the art forms rather than to reflect on the lives of the artists. The nuances of the colonial experience and postcolonial culture are varied and complex, and postcolonial scholars must, of necessity, consider the creators and their context as well as their creations.

John Hearne’s contribution to West Indian literature, though perhaps seeming out of place in twenty-first century Jamaica and mistakenly consigned to obscurity, was an important one. Hearne is integral to our cultural history. Shivaun Hearne’s literary biography of her father provides invaluable insights into his creative writing.

Shivaun Hearne oversees the editorial and production department of the University of the West Indies Press.


Shivaun Hearne’s MPhil thesis was an easy selection for the first book in this series. Completed in 1999, her biography of her father John Hearne is an invaluable repository of information on one of Jamaica’s most important literary figures of the twentieth century. When Shivaun undertook the project of her MPhil fourteen years ago she felt it necessary to defend and assert his position as key literary figure; that defence and assertion may still be necessary today.
John Hearne was a middle-class Jamaican writer whose novels were a voice for his class. That fact contributed to his fall from grace in the early post-independence era when the concerns of the country’s poor black majority rightly took precedence both politically and culturally. However, fifty years later, a re-visiting and re-assessment of Hearne’s fiction is overdue. Some work in this area has already started. The publication of Shivaun Hearne’s study should provide a catalyst for this process.

Rastafari: The Reports (2010)

This monograph features, firstly, a republication of the seminal 1960 report “The Rastafari Movement in Jamaica” by Roy Augier, M.G. Smith and Rex Nettleford, commissioned by the Government of Jamaica at the request of some prominent members of the Rastafarian Movement, and first published by the University of the West Indies in 1960. That report resulted in a number of subsequent missions, the reports of which are here also included, being published for the first time: “The Majority Report of Mission to Africa” (1961); “The Minority Report of Mission to Africa” (1961); “The Jamaica Technical Mission to Africa” (1962); and “Settlement of Jamaicans in Africa” (1962).

(US$20.00 incl. postage and handling)

Rastafari (2008)

A collection of 19 articles on Rastafari, including the 14 articles originally published in CQ in its Rastafari monographs in 1985 and 2000, plus 5 new, previously unpublished, articles.

(US$20.00 incl. postage and handling)

Carnival Monograph

Containing articles on Carnival, and coloured plates of Peter Minshall’s masqueraders.

(US$20.00 incl. postage and packaging)

Calypso/Kaiso Monograph

Containing 9 articles on Carnival and a poem by Kamau Brathwaite.

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