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Editorial Board

Dr. Kimberly Anne Robinson-Walcott assumed the post of editor of Caribbean Quarterly in October 2010, following a ten-year stint as editor of books and special publications at the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies, University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona. Before entering the world of academic publishing she was editorial director of Kingston Publishers (now LMH Publishing) in Jamaica (1981–86, 1991–98) where she spearheaded the company’s venture into the publication of Jamaican fiction and children’s books. She is also the editor of Jamaica Journal, an academic/general-interest publication of the Institute of Jamaica whose mandate is the promotion of the country’s culture and science.

A Jamaica Independence scholar (1974), she holds a BA in English from McGill University (1977, graduating with great distinction), an MPhil in Town Planning from University College London (1979) and a PhD in English from the UWI, Mona (2001). She was the recipient of the Western Union Sir Frank Worrell Graduate Scholarship for Excellence 1997. Her publications include the work of critical analysis Out of Order! Anthony Winkler and White West Indian Writing (University of the West Indies Press, 2006 – winner of the UWI Press Award for Outstanding Revised Dissertation 2005 and the Principal’s Award for Best Research Publication, Faculty of Social Sciences 2008); and the children's book Dale's Mango Tree (1992), which she also illustrated. She co-authored the books Jamaican Art (1989, revised and updated 2011) andThe How to Be Jamaican Handbook (1987). She was the regional winner of the Commonwealth Short Story Competition 2005. Her critical articles, short stories and poems have been published in several journals and anthologies.

Rupert Lewis, Professor of Political Thought, and Associate Dean, Graduate Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, UWI, Mona (Chairman)

Sir Roy Augier, Professor Emeritus, History, UWI, Mona

David Barker, Professor of Geography, and Head, Department of Geography and Geology, UWI, Mona

Ann Marie Bissessar, Professor of Public Management, and Head, Department of Behavioural Sciences, UWI, St Augustine

Bridget Brereton, Emerita Professor of History, UWI, St Augustine

Michael Bucknor, Lecturer, Department of Literatures in English, UWI, Mona

Michael Bucknor, Lecturer, Department of Literatures in English, UWI, Mona

Gracelyn Cassell, Head, University of the West Indies Open Campus, Montserrat

Henry Fraser, Professor Emeritus, Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology, and Immediate Past Dean, Faculty of Medical Sciences, UWI, Cave Hill 

Clément Imbert, Professor of Materials Technology and Manufacturing Processes, and Deputy Dean, Faculty of Engineering, UWI, St Augustine

Barbara Lalla, Professor of Language and Literature (retired), Faculty of Arts and Education, UWI, St Augustine

Evelyn O’Callaghan, Professor of West Indian Literature, UWI, Cave Hill

Verene A. Shepherd, Professor of Social History, and University Director, Institute for Gender & Development Studies, UWI

David C. Smith, Coordinator, Institute for Sustainable Development, UWI, and Coordinator, University Consortium for Small Island States

Linda E. Speth, General Manager, University of the West Indies Press