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Rastafari: The Reports (2010)

This monograph features, firstly, a republication of the seminal 1960 report “The Rastafari Movement in Jamaica” by Roy Augier, M.G. Smith and Rex Nettleford, commissioned by the Government of Jamaica at the request of some prominent members of the Rastafarian Movement, and first published by the University of the West Indies in 1960. That report resulted in a number of subsequent missions, the reports of which are here also included, being published for the first time: “The Majority Report of Mission to Africa” (1961); “The Minority Report of Mission to Africa” (1961); “The Jamaica Technical Mission to Africa” (1962); and “Settlement of Jamaicans in Africa” (1962).

(US$20.00 incl. postage and handling)

Edited by Roy Augier and Veronica Salter