NHF: Jamaica salt consumption, knowledge, attitude and practice (SALT-KAP) study – Prof. Trevor Ferguson

Excess dietary salt consumption is one of the main contributors to hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Public education programmes on the dangers of high salt intake, and population level interventions to reduce the salt content in foods are possible strategies to address this problem. This study aims to obtain baseline data on salt consumption, salt content in packaged and restaurant foods, and evaluate knowledge, attitudes, and practice of Jamaicans regarding salt consumption.

Investigators: Principal Investigator: Trevor Ferguson. Co-Investigators: Karen Webster-Kerr, Marshall Tulloch-Reid, Nadia Bennett, Tamu Davidson, Andriene Grant, Kelly-Ann Grant, Kelly-Ann Gordon-Johnson, Ishtar Govia, Suzanne Soares-Wynter, Novie Younger-Coleman, Joette McKenzie, Evelyn Walker, Simon Anderson, Sharmaine Edwards, Simone Spence

Sponsor: National Health Fund, Jamaica